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When people think of spring migration in northern Ohio, things like Scarlet Tanagers, Magnolia Warblers and Indigo Buntings are usually the first to come to mind.  But more than a month before "warbler neck" sets in, there is another phenomenon occurring in the very same locations, and in many ways it is more spectacular than the songbird migration.  Northern Ohio is home to some of the absolute best duck watching around.  There are 20 species of commonly occurring ducks in March, and we will target all of them.  We'll see large flocks of Gadwall and Northern Shovelers,  gaudy male Northern Pintails, the diminutive but handsome Green-winged Teal and over a dozen other species, most of which in large numbers.  We will visit some of the larger marshes in the area as well as some Lake Erie locations where we are more likely to see the divers.  Huge flocks numbering in the tens of thousands of scaup are likely and we'll be sure to check them carefully for a wayward scoter or Long-tailed Duck.  In addition to ogling the fantastic waterfowl, we will be sure to visit a lakeshore migrant trap or two.  At this time of year, songbirds are on the move but it's a different crowd from later in May.  Birds like Rusty Blackbird, Winter Wren and Fox Sparrow will likely be encountered.  This can be a one or two day itinerary.  Tour is from Toledo, OH. 

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